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Are You Really A Good Single Mom? Take This 1 Minute Quiz To Find Out!


Mama, I know. Life is hard. Motherhood is tough.

And single motherhood is usually tougher.

But are you really doing a good job as a single mom?

That’s why I created this “evidence-based” quiz–

To FINALLY find out if you’re a good single mom–So that you can walk away with the TRUTH. 


If you’re like most single moms out there (and most moms in general), no one gives you a pat on a back every day and says, “atta girl, you kept your spawn alive! WELL DONE!”

No one is scoring you on the insurmountable tasks you complete.

When nobody gives you a “mom report card” every month, how do you know if you’re doing a good job?

Take this special quiz to uncover the truth about your single mom skills


1. Do you provide the best life that you can for yourself and your children?

a) Yes. You’re a good mom!

b) Almost. Life is hard, try the next question.


2. Do you love your children and show them that love?

a) Yes.  Then you’re a good mom!

b) No.  Kids are the worst. You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it! Congrats, you’re a good mom!


3. Did you breastfeed your children?

a) Yes. Nice! You’re a good mom

b) No, or just a little? Wow…

I’m so jealous of your nipples. That makes you a good mom!


4. Do you think about how raising them in a single parent household affects their overall wellbeing?

a) Yes. Then you’re a good mom!

b) No. Who needs two parents, anyway?


5. Do you make it through the day, however impossible it feels?

a) Yes. Then you’re a good mom

b) Barely. Fantastic! You’re doing it! You’re a good mom!


6. Are you taking this quiz??

a) Yes.

Then you’re a good mom because you fucking care about whether or not you’re a good mom!!!!!!!!


If you chose a) or answered “yes” to any of the above…


single moms celebrate

You’re a good mom!!!


Someone genuinely said to me, “you’re a good mom” last week. I vividly recollect the soft timbre of their voice, the authentic tone, and the piercing gaze when they uttered these words.

They might as well have been professing their dying love for me.

I held my breath for a few seconds too long and choked out a weak and incredulous, “thank you.”

And I cried. Then I sobbed.

Because, deep down, I longed for that external validation. And that’s ok.

As single moms, we learn to provide ourselves with what others can not.

While I have a healthy “inner dialogue” thanks to my daily affirmations, it is nice to be recognized, appreciated, and validated for this whirlwind called single motherhood.

Even when we hear it, we struggle to believe it.

Grab the tissues, ladies.  

In case you haven’t been reminded recently (or ever),


Don’t you ever let anyone make you feel otherwise.


Let me tell you something, and I want you to read this EXTREMELY CAREFULLY.



Anyone that is ‘judging’ you and mom shaming you has NO IDEA what that is.

If you’re surrounding yourself with mom shamers, you are hanging with the WRONG crew. If you’re around parents who act like they’ve got their shit together all the times, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU.

Let them raise their own offspring.

As long as your kid is happy and healthy, why care what others think?

I will repeat it again:

Y O U’ R E     A     G O O D      M O M

Take a deep breath.

Seriously. Breathe, woman.

Let that soak in.

Actually PAUSE.


YOU, mama, are a good mama.

If you’re still struggling to fully believe that you’re an incredible mom–


it’s time we talk.

I refuse to accept that you don’t feel like a nurturing, brilliant mother.

If you have even a hint of doubt about this truth, then you need to be part of our tribe of inspiring single moms who will affirm you until you start to believe it.

You need a tribe. You need an unbreakable tribe


You’re a superwoman and a super mom. It’s there inside you and so blatantly obvious to me. Because, well, you’re here, aren’t you?


Don’t you dare let anyone take that away from you.

I love you and you’re the best and most deserving mom I know!


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