Hi Mama!

I’m Dr. Juli La Rocca, a Family Physician by trade and an Unbreakable Single Mom by passion.

My passion is to empower single mothers to unleash their Unbreakable Mom Superpowers in order to achieve balance, identity, and self-fulfillment.

In other words – live a happy life with thriving children!

Who is this single mom?

From humble beginnings…

I raised an infant on my own while in my medical residency.

Working 80-100+ hours a week, I fell into a deep depression, not caring about my patients, my baby, or myself.

During this time, I learned something beautiful:

I couldn’t change my external circumstances.

Not how many hours I worked, the sleep deprivation from breastfeeding at night, or how many patients I watched die.

But I could change myself.

The problem? I had no compassion for myself. I hated my life.

With few options, I began looking inward. To achieve this, I …

  • Stayed awake for hours at night journaling
  • Began meditating
  • Spoke up about my struggles
  • Asked for help. Lots of it.
  • Attended personal development conferences
  • Created a support network…among many other things.

First, I admitted I wasn’t in a good place.

As I became more comfortable asking for help, I took the time I needed to work on myself.

As soon as I did, I was instantly able to truly care for my daughter, family, and patients again.

EVERYTHING got better. I was grateful and happy with single motherhood, healing, and life.

I thrived at work, raised a beautifully healthy kid, and eventually opened my own medical practice.

Now, I’ve launched Unbreakable Moms to help other single mothers thrive too.

If your life is not what you imagined it to be as a parent, then ask yourself:

Am I really doing anything to improve myself first?

If you’re feeling resentment, anger, frustration, lonely, or unfulfilled – let’s have a powerful conversation about becoming UnbreakAble.

UnbreakAbility goes beyond resilience.

To be UnbreakAble is to maintain equanimity and THRIVE even in the face of adversity.

What is Unbreakable Moms?

Unbreakable Moms is a community. It is a place where single moms can come together, feel supported, and connected.

A place where single moms learn the importance of self-care and self-love.

I have a goal to inspire 1 MILLION single mothers to unleash their UnbreakAbility.

I believe YOU can be UnbreakAble too.

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Photo attributions: Greenhouse by Captured Austin photography, body paint photos by Erikka Walor.

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